How to Cultivate Daily Habits to Manifest Greater Purpose

“Live the life you have imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau

A part of living a rewarding and satisfying life, is to do things that build a greater sense of self efficacy and to engage in activities that challenge us. To stick to our goals it is important to feel as though you are living in accordance with your higher goals and your higher purpose.

Our daily actions should be aligned with getting us closer to our greater larger picture goals.

Are your daily activities and habits contributing towards your goals or detracting? Are they serving you? If we do not take the necessary actions on a daily basis to achieve our goals, we may be left with a sense of powerlessness or stagnation or even boredom, a sense that life is passing us by. Here are some simple steps I have found to assist me in breaking through any resistance or unconscious fears that may be holding me back and keeping me in a place of complacency and mediocrity.

   A Vision

Have a clear vision of a goal that you have for yourself and put a deadline on it.

Whether it’s 6 month or a year a deadline is important. This goal may be occupational, spiritual, and can be related to any area of your life. Imagine what it feels like to accomplish this goal, taste, feel and breathe the satisfaction of this goal being your living reality.

How does achieving this goal add to your sense of value and purpose, how does it align with your purpose, and how does it contribute towards your ability to serve others? Contemplating your passion and motivations to achieve this goal and allowing this time for self reflection is integral before you commit to a daily habit that builds towards it.

A Commitment

Commit to a daily habit to propel you towards that goal. My vision for myself was a successful blog. My action to get me closer towards my goal was taking one non-negotiable action daily towards my goal and that was to write one article per day.

Action: No matter what, I must write one article per day, regardless of how I feel. (Feeling tired and unmotivated are no excuses).

Commitment negates motivation. Motivation is dependent on feelings and external circumstances. There are no excuses when it comes to commitment. This is the meaning of discipline and just the very habit of exercising greater discipline in just one area of your life will elevate feelings of self efficacy, naturally increasing motivation.

   A Promise

Remind yourself that if you commit to this, your dream will grow. I told myself that all I had to do was this one thing daily and my goal would manifest. This was the universe speaking to me to motivate and to empower me.

It is not the things we do sporadically that make the greatest impact, but the things we do daily and consistently that have the greatest impact.

   A Reality

Time is finite, it is a gift.

Use the time that you have wisely and infuse your actions with urgency. It is a pitfall to hold onto the belief that there is always more time. While there may be more time, no one really knows for the future cannot be predicted–now is all we ever have. Why do we live with the belief that we will have more time? Boredom results from forgetting your power your purpose and your potential.

Fear fuels boredom. Love fuels empowerment and passion.

We attract abundance when our mindset intrinsically reflects abundance. Love, a mindset of abundance, uses its resources wisely and doesn’t squander it. Are you squandering your life, your time, or using it as if it were precious valuable and extremely important.

For how you use your time reflects your inner beliefs about worth — is not time more valuable than money?

Money can be gained, time cannot.

   No Excuses

Recognize that the manifestation of your vision is your responsibility and yours only.

No one else can save you.

There is no one to blame and there really is no excuse for your not being able to achieve it. What excuses have you made to yourself about your goal? A common excuse for not taking responsibility is a lack of clarity surrounding ones goals and visions of success. The thought pattern of “I don’t know,” or “I don’t know how,” can be a roadblock for anyone.

Do beliefs of low self worth or does the habit of self comparison compromise your belief about what you deserve? Commit to full heartedly knowing what you want and what success looks like and that you deserve and can have anything you desire just as anyone else in this world does.


Recognize that you have something unique and special to contribute to the world through your gift and that unless you hone in and put in some daily effort towards your goal you are not utilizing your gift. It is a waste and a tragedy to not utilize something you have been given. The desire within you is the seed of the manifestation and was given you for a reason otherwise you would not have this desire.

Trust your desires and your visions.

Your daily effort to achieve this vision is like watering the seed consistently. Your very desire(s) was given you with a very specific purpose. It takes wisdom and discernment to recognize the gift and to cultivate discipline to bring that gift (pure potential) to fruition.


What negative beliefs about yourself do you hold onto that sabotage your motivation to succeed? Can you recognize how these thought patterns reinforce procrastination or idleness?

  • Do beliefs that you are not worthy, that you do not deserve success, that you are not good enough or smart enough stand in your way?
  • Do beliefs that your time is not valuable or that there is more time in the future cause you to put off working towards your goal?
  • Does your belief of dependency that you need someone else to help you stifle your own power?

Take some time to examine what maladaptive, distorted beliefs stand in your way of cultivating growth aund power in your daily routine. You are living and breathing passion, power and potential. Foster affirmations that cultivate your intrinsic nature and cut out those beliefs that say otherwise.

While time is limited, you true essence is not.

What’s holding you back from living and being who you really are and were meant to be?

motivational poster quote LIFE BEGINS AT THE END OF COMFORT ZONE

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