The Only 5 Makeup Products I Use

I don’t understand how some women take hours to do their makeup.

I take 2 minutes and I look just as good. Fifteen minutes tops if I am taking my time.

I don’t believe in wearing lots of makeup. Guys hate girls that wear lots of makeup.

Makeup is bad for the skin and only people with crappy skin and loads of acne need to cover up their natural faces.

My makeup philosophy is simple: accentuate your natural beauty and it will shine through. Too much makeup actually does the opposite by covering it up.

I like how women in Asia do their makeup. They don’t wear thick eyelashes and thick eyeliner.



They have tricks to make their eyes look big without making it look obvious. Obvious makeup is bad.

Simple is beautiful. Simple is the best.

I hate Mac and I don’t use the makeup everyone else uses. I believe in using good quality, organic (if possible) natural products that are good for your skin. Most makeup has so many chemicals, it actually ages your skin.

The only makeup products I use:





Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal
Decca Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation

That’s it it folks! Simple makeup = Simple beauty.

All you need are a few good products. Save your money and eat good, whole foods so that your skin glows naturally.

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