3 Steps to Stop Worrying

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” -Mark Twain

Worrying is not a bad thing, it is the mind’s natural way of dealing with uncertainty, fear, doubt and the unknown. It is the brain’s natural coping mechanism.

However, there is a much more peaceful way of living.

Because no one can ever predict and be certain of anything, because the future does not yet exist and uncertainty is the only thing in life that is really certain.

And if you really think about it, thinking repetitively about anything, whether it is in the past or the future, gets you nowhere but the here and now, ironically.

Here are some simple steps to stop ruminating and start being:

1). Nonjudgment

Don’t judge yourself for worrying–just notice your thoughts. When we take judgment away from the equation, compassion arises.

2.) Nonresistance

Don’t resist your thoughts. Instead of forcing your thoughts of anxiety to go away, just notice them. Notice them like the clouds in the sky, for that is all that thoughts ever are, just thoughts, not reality. When you notice your mind worrying, allow space consciousness and awareness to wrap around your thoughts. However, forcing yourself to stop worrying won’t work. Our minds don’t work well with force and/or punishment.

3). Notice the mind beneath the thoughts–the arising of compassion.

That mechanism beneath your own awareness of your thinking mind, that is the real you. When you connect with the deeper, inner spaciousness beneath the thinking mind, you have touched upon your true essence, which is presence–this moment itself.

The mind will always wander and have a “mind of it’s own.”

Worrying is your mind’s way of saying, “hey, i don’t know what to do about such and such in the future. Help!”

You can allow your mind’s toiling to be an issue that drives you mad, which for many people it does. Or, you can see it as an opening, an opportunity to delve deeper into what’s going on beneath your thinking.

Subconsciously, you may be resisting the moment because of some fears you are holding onto.

What are these fears? Why are you running from through excessive thinking?

Your mind is the messenger. Look deeper, look within for the message.

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