How to Fall in Love

“Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.” – Carrie Bradshaw

What is the secret to finding love? The secret is simple.

Be love.

For when you are love, love cannot help but be attracted to you, naturally.

What does it mean to be love?

It means to let go of fear, let go of ego, let go of the small sense of self, that voice that says you are undeserving or small.

It means to invite compassion, awareness, and nonjudgment.

It means to follow positivity and to embrace hope, because nothing in life is hopeless. Even the most hopeless situations have good and purpose in them.

We become love because we already are love, that is our natural state.

We forget who we are, because deep down we are afraid and learned early on that love is not for everyone.

We forget who we are, because it is scary to love and let go and to embrace the truth. The truth can be scarier than anything.

But what is scarier than being who you really are is living a life cut off from who you really are.

Be brave.

Be daring and adventurous.

Choose compassion even when it hurts and there is no reason to. Love has no reason.

When your love is complete, which is already is, it becomes enough. Whether it comes from within or another person, love is love.

Fall in love with yourself first. Then, the rest won’t matter.

Love, itself, is more than enough.

“We must be love before we can be loved.” – Unknown

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