How to Connect with Anyone

“A soul connection is a resonance between two people who respond to the essential beauty of each other’s individual natures, behind the their facades, and who connect on this deeper level.” – John Welwood

Your relationships with other people are a metaphor for your relationship to God and yourself.

How you see other people is how you see the world. How we treat and view others is a reflection of how we treat and view ourselves.

When you are afraid of others, you really are afraid of yourself.

When we fear others will judge us, it is only because we judge ourselves.

Self consciousness arises when we are afraid and conscious of judgment only because we are judging others in the very same way.

Every time we connect with someone on a certain level in a certain way it is because that person is reflecting the very same energy pattern back to us.

Connecting with others really in essence is connecting with ourselves because we are all one.

And this is why relationships are opportunities for spiritual growth. Because we are connecting to parts of ourselves that we did not recognize before.

We grow deeper when we can be authentic and genuine in whatever we are feeling.

When we are gravitated and attracted towards certain people for some reason, it is because there is a part of them that we want more of in ourselves and we relate to that.

In order to attract the type of people you want to be around, be that.

How can you expand your world?

Be open and curious about others.

Let go of your thoughts about what they are thinking and their judgments, for that is your own fear arising. I want to be able to see every person without fear of judgment.

To live more fearlessly, we must live more openly, unafraid to connect.

To live fearlessly is to love in totality, it is to see yourself in others and see others in yourself. That is the meaning of relating to others.

People just want to feel connected.

When we view people as stepping stones to get something or somewhere, we ultimately get nothing.

But when we view each interaction as an opportunity to explore and to be in present, the gift of that interaction and the opening of space that it fosters is the very gift that blesses you.

Something greater than money or anything of that matter is exchanged.

The more we cultivate that ability and desire to connect with people in this way, a connection rather than an exchange of needs, our lives become more meaningful.

When we interact with people as if they are things we lose the meaning of what it is to love. We forget who we are and who they are.

The deepest part of ourselves becomes more connected with others when we shift to this place of curiosity and a desire to feel what the other is feeling and thinking. It is a matter of losing ourselves in some way.

We close ourselves off to so much when we when we look for exchange of things rather than experience and meaning.


Look for ways you can relate
Be curious
Assume you know nothing
Eradicate judgment of others to eradicate fear of being judged
Have an open mind–the universe has something to teach you through every person and interaction
Desire to see things through new perspectives
Be generous without expectation for return

“We are all strangers connected by what we reveal, what we share, and what we take away… our stories.” – Libba Bray

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