Why Weight Loss Is Hard

“If you find a better way to be happy than by overeating, your body will naturally return to it’s balanced state.” – Deepak Chopra

We are meant to live with purpose, with passion, and our daily fuel should come from a deeper sense of resonance as we live out that which fully engages our hearts and spirits.

Our natural state is one of leanness, health and equilibrium. Maintaining one’s natural weight should always be simple, easy and effortless.

It is when we are disconnected from our purpose that this equilibrium gets disrupted and so do our appetites. Where does this subconscious need to fill our bodies with more food than is necessary, to eat in a way that does not feel good stem from?

Our appetites are akin to thermostats that automatically recalibrate and desire a level of homeostasis. This homeostasis is most disrupted when we are not living in accordance with our higher purpose, when we are living to just get by.

Each of us long to feel connected to others and when we feel cut off from the world, our appetites seek nourishment and pleasure in realms that are within its control–food.

Whenever I notice that urge to overeat creep into my life, it is always during those times where I feel disconnected from others and from meaningful work that I am excited about. Food becomes becomes the forefront rather than the foreground, because it’s easier to focus and obsess about food and weight rather than confront my fears and step outside of my comfort zone.

As long as we are using food to cope and to fill those blank spaces of life that feel empty, weight loss will always be an uphill battle. Because it is not food or weight we are fighting, but the substitution of food and weight for that which we do not want to deal with.

Food and weight becomes the scapegoat, the obsession that never satisfies, and we are left perpetually starved of that which can and will nourish us.

We substitute our desire and capacity for intimacy and fulfillment both interpersonally and occupationally, because we do not really want to face life, to face pain, to face failure and the possibility of not being good enough.

We substitute our longings and dreams of who and what we could be for the temporal food and weight obsession, because it is easier to contend with our own self-loathing and self-hatred related to our body size. It is easier to dwell upon and despise the size of our thighs than it is to dwell upon and dream of the possibility and potential that we have to be impactful, influential and positive.

It is much more convenient to calculate calories and macros than it is to face the possibility that we do deserve love and we also do deserve to have our deepest desires come true.

We live to eat when we refuse to feel the pain and discomfort of failure, of rejection of all that we are afraid to look at within ourselves because of deep-seated beliefs related to not being good enough.

When we live to eat, food and weight become our obsession, our lives, because we are refusing to pursue and to develop our innate skills and talents that stem from our passions.

Food becomes the substitute for passion.

However, when we eat to live, weight loss is easy because food no longer becomes the center of our lives.

When we befriend and embrace fear and that which challenges us, passion becomes our purpose. We become connected to something greater than ourselves in this process, and doing anything besides nourishing our bodies and souls becomes an impossibility rather than the norm.

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