How to Manifest What You Want

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.” – Albert Einstein

We each have dreams and visions inside of us. Dreams to create, to utilize our creativity, to be who we aspire to be.

You were meant to create and to be who you wanted to be. However, when we falter and withhold ourselves from chasing our dreams and desires, it is because we are holding onto a limiting belief, a fear.

To trust the universe is to trust ourselves. When we trust ourselves, our gift, our vision and dream, the universe trusts us.

The more we believe in ourselves and in our dreams, the more the universe conspires to manifest that dream into reality.

The law of attraction is simply the law of mirroring.

When you trust wholeheartedly in what you want and your ability to attain / achieve your goal, the universe cannot help but attract into your life people things and opportunities to match your vibration, your desire.

The secret is to believe, because when you believe, you put out a vibration and the universe absolutely with no doubt will mirror your belief as well.

When you doubt your dream the universe doubts your dream too.

When you have full faith in your vision and ability to fulfill it the universe does miraculous things to compensate and reflects your exact vibration. Emanate feelings of hope, love, joy, inspiration and have full faith in your vision and desire. The universe promises to fulfill it. The universe is magnetic and will mirror your same vibration of love and hope, drawing into your life everything that you dream. Have faith.

Your role is only to know what is that you want and to believe wholeheartedly in it. To believe, to hope, to desire, to trust.

Feeling lost is a result of doubting and fearing failure. It is not bad to feel lost, it is just a sign that you are holding onto the fear of failure or judgment.

Resolve to trust what it is that you want, to chase after this dream wholeheartedly, and to know that the manifestation of your desire is meant to be.

How to Feel More Fulfilled

“There are two ways of being rich. One is to have all you want, the other is to be satisfied with what you have.” – Anonymous

We spend most of our lives wishing and wanting things to be different from how things are and we perpetually live in a constant state of dissatisfaction.

I’ll be happy once I get a job. I’ll be happy once I quit my job. I’ll be happy once I leave this person. I’ll be happy once we get married. The list goes on.

Perhaps the frustration and dissatisfaction that we feel is a sign to make peace with where we are.

Making peace with where we are is not a matter of resigning to the life circumstances we are in and it is not taking the lazy way out by avoidance and engaging in inaction where it is needed.

Making peace with where we are is the ability to fully be where we are in complete totality and to allow our attention and presence to be fully immersed in each moment, regardless of how much we resist or dislike our current life circumstance.

Because if we cannot be happy where we are now, we cannot be happy anywhere.

That searching in and of itself represents our own resistance to what is. It is the exact opposite of acceptance.

Acceptance is the key to contentment. It is your willingness to allow you attention and present to be here, right now, no matter what.

It is your willingness, your surrendering to the way things are right now regardless of how things show up.

The conditions that we place on our ability to be happy are always changing and it is the ego that puts them there.

When you want something in your life to change, it is a pointer, a sign that something in you needs to change.

We focus on the external and forget that the external is a reflection a manifestation of the internal.

What aspects of your life–relationships, career, health–frustrate you? Do you tell yourself that once something about those aspects changes, you will be free, you will be happy?

We can’t be present because we fear the present is not enough. We fear that we are not enough. We fear that we are not doing enough. We fear that our partners are not enough. We fear that we do not have enough.

We live in this constant state of inner deprivation, looking to our outside conditions to fill this emptiness, this insatiable hunger for more in order to feel “enough.”

So we constantly ruminate about the future and its ability to provide the fulfillment we seek, the outcome that we yearn for because now is just not enough.

We tell ourselves that fulfillment, contentment, satisfaction and enlightenment are anywhere but here but that once we achieve, attain, and become this or that, then we will have made it.

And so we are never, ever truly happy.

And so our lives becomes this constant search for that culturally defined phenomena of living the American Dream. We busy ourselves, we distract ourselves, we numb ourselves.

Fulfillment cannot be found on the level of form, because form always changes.

It is when we take a step back from looking and searching, when we surrender our thinking minds to the deep stillness and presence underneath our minds, that we feel the stillness and peace that is our true nature.

When we look abide and rest in this place of inner stillness, free of mental noise, there is a deep satisfaction there.

Isn’t it ironic that the peace and satisfaction that we search for is here all along, if only we will stop running from it, and chasing illusions that we believe will provide it?



How to Love Others

“Wear love everywhere you go.” – Colossians 3:14

We spend much of our lives in our thoughts, however, how much do we spend outside of ourselves?

The repetitive patterns that make up our daily thoughts are mostly the same, and have to do with the story that we have about ourselves, the world and particularly the people in our lives.

What story do you have about people and how does gender, race and sexual orientation color your perception of others?

Any preconceived ideas that we hold about other people is a filter that can be a barrier to connecting with them.

Each time we choose to despise or resent another person, we are choosing to reject a part of ourselves. We cut ourselves off from compassion which has no conditions.

What does it mean to be outside of yourself? It means to step outside of of your thinking and into the awareness, the field of presence that surrounds you.

When we are truly present, we are able to see others for who they really are, without judgment.

To truly see other people for who they really are is to see others with compassion because every person has experiences that have made them unique.

Every encounter we have with every single person in this world is an opportunity to love, to connect and to relate in a new way.

Each time that we connect with someone, there is an expansion in our hearts, there is a vibrational energy that resonates and grows within us. This particular vibration is the same frequency that attracts more love, abundance and opportunity into our lives.

Each time we judge, denigrate or look down on others, we cut ourselves off from receiving more love and abundance in our own lives.

Each time that we choose to love and accept others regardless of who or what they are, particularly if they are difficult to get along with, we invite greater forgiveness, compassion and acceptance into our lives.

Every time we connect with other people in this way, the way of loving them unconditionally, we are in essence living in alignment with our true purpose, our true essence.

When we live in alignment with who we really are, we experience joy and we desire to share that joy with others.

It is easy to judge and to look down on other people, especially if they are different from us. However, every time we do, it is only because there is a part of ourselves that we cannot accept and are attempting to reject through this projection.

The more you practice love and are able to connect with others, to see yourself in them, the more you also attract others to love you in the same way.

What would happen to our lives if we focused less on accumulating, attaining and doing, and more on being present to others, listening and genuinely attentive to the world around us?

What would this world be like if everyone practiced this and focused more on being present to this moment and to having authentic connections with other people?

Sometimes all it takes is a smile, a compliment, or eye contact, but it means a world of difference.

Our presence has an impact on others and it is powerful to recognize our own ability to impact others in a positive way, to walk  with love wherever we go, no matter what.

How differently would you feel and act if you knew everyone around you accepted and loved you unconditionally?

Be that unconditional love and hold no conditions on extending this to other people, even if they seem superficial, judgmental or uninterested.

What matters is that you know who you are, be who you are regardless of how the world is.

When you vibrate this positive, loving energy, notice how the world around you changes.


How to Attract Abundance

“Abundance is not something we acquire, it is something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer

Before abundance manifests outwardly, it must first be cultivated inwardly.

So within, so without.

In order to attract abundance, we must first be abundance.

What does it mean to be abundance? It means to vibrate the energy of abundance, which is to live from a state of pure, nonjudgmental love and compassion. Abundance is the natural energetic vibration of love.

It is not the outward manifestation that is of the most importance, but it is actually the mindset that we have in our innermost world, for it is that which pulls like to like.

We attract abundance when we vibrate a particular frequency into the universe. It is a very specific energy and there are certain beliefs/assumptions/fears that block off our inherent positive energetic vibration.

We were naturally born with this energetic vibration of love and abundance, however, we learned and were conditioned to cut ourselves off from our inherent ability to love ourselves and others.

At the deepest level, fear symbolizes a separation from love, which is who we really are. Fear is but an illusion, and we are never, ever separate from the love that is inherently who we have always been and always will be.

We learned early on in our culture and society that winning in life means being the best, and being the best means putting others down. This very belief that in order to succeed we must be divided from others is the very first limitation that cuts us off from abundance.

We learned to be selfish and that givers only get taken advantage of. We learned that “everyone is out to get us.” With this belief, we cut ourselves off from abundance.

We learned that since we are “not good enough” just the way we are, we have to strive and try in order to achieve and to have, so that the world could validate our worth. With this belief, we cut ourselves off from abundance.

We learned through painful experiences of abandonment and rejection that “we are unlovable.” So we live our lives afraid of giving ourselves to others, afraid of being authentic and genuine, unwilling to risk being vulnerable in relationships with others. With this belief, we cut ourselves off from abundance.

We learned to be realistic and practical, and that pursuing what we really wanted and dreamed of was impossible. We learned to live within the confines of our fears rather than facing them, and with that, we made peace with feeling numb instead of feeling the pain of taking risks and encountering new fears and challenges.

The lack that we experience in our life is a direct reflection of the limitation that we unconsciously uphold in our minds.

Limitation is just fear.

To break free of limitation means to vibrate an energy that is free of fear.

Fear dissolves with awareness.

Release fear of judgment/rejection/abandonment/what others think.

Reconnect to who/what you really are which is: pure awareness, love, potentiality, being. When you do so, you vibrate abundance and abundance cannot help but gravitate to you.



How to Embrace Uncertainty

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” – Margaret Atwood

There is a season for everything and every feeling, even times of sadness, aloneness, and instability.

The events in our lives that activate anxiety  and fear are those where we do not have control, those situations that are uncertain.

Could there be a divine purpose inherent in certain life situations which baffle us and are masked with uncertainty because the universe is trying to teach us something?

But what could it be saying?

Maybe it is telling us to embrace and to make peace with not knowing.

Why must we always have the answers to everything–why must we always know? Why is uncertainty so unsavory, so uncomfortable?

It is in times of uncertainty, particularly around events and situations regarding the future, that we have the opportunity to look deeply within ourselves and to reflect upon what could be muddling our sense of clarity and direction.

Perhaps there is a false fear that you are holding onto about your own worth that is demotivating you.

Fear and self-doubt are the ultimate energy vampires.

Bringing your own fears into the light can provide insight and help uncover the maladaptive beliefs that shape your world and sense of self.

There is no need to reject, deny or repress those thoughts. They dissolve on their own when we can bring the light of nonjudgmental awareness to them, and can see them from a third-party perspective, to see them without identifying with them.

Making peace with uncertainty is an opportunity to develop your childlike faith in a power greater than yourself, a life force that actually works in your favor if you know how to work with it.

It is a chance to surrender your will, your control, your need to know. Ultimately, it is the ultimate teacher of how to have peace and joy, of how to let go of the need to think in order to be okay.

Because we cannot have peace and joy if we are living within the confines of our own minds.

Enlightenment is getting outside of the box of our own minds, it is living in a state where there is no box, there is only being.

We create this box through our thinking because we are deeply afraid. Afraid of not having enough, of not being enough, of not doing enough.

We think because we live in the pretense that we will die if we do not protect ourselves through constant striving, doing, achieving and knowing.

The mind is in a constant state of doing. When we let go of the need to know our future and where we are headed, we also let go of ourselves, our identification with a sense of self that is based on thought.

Surrendering the future means surrendering to the now.

When we can let go and accept where we are, wherever we are, we may lose our certainty and sense of self that knows everything.

Instead, we gain the ability to let go. Letting go of the need for the future to fulfill us leaves us in the only place that can truly provide fulfillment, which is here now.

When you can accept where you are and let go of the need to be certain about everything, about the future–you are free.

Living in this state of presence is living in alignment with the energy of the universe that always works in your favor and is always perfect.

Instead of despising times of uncertainty, embrace them.

Because it is in these very times that you learn how to have faith and to trust in the perfection of the universe. It is how you grow and develop the capacity to connect with a power greater than yourself.

There are lessons in every single thing that we experience. What is the lesson in your uncertainty?

How to Follow Your Dreams

“To the ones who still believe in dreams:

Chase them. Chase them until you’re out of breath. Then, keep running.”

– Anonymous

We each have a vision of where we want to be, who we want to be, and how we want to live.

However, many of us remain complacent with how things are, failing to take action towards living the lives we dream of.

Why do we remain complacent with how things are, continuing to live just to survive, just to get by, just to pass time?

The answer is simple.

Because we are in some way holding onto fear i.e. limitation, deprivation, lack, and have not shifted our mindset from fear to love i.e. abundance, possibility, creativity.

Here are simple, bite-size steps to take you from where are now to where you want to be, and to shift from feeling overwhelmed to motivated:

Commit to the idea that anything is possible.

The first step to harnessing the motivation to get to where you want to be, to taking action right now, is to eliminate any belief that is limiting you. You can do this by embracing the reality that anything is possible.

A surefire way to mute and to cut off motivation is to believe that what you want is not possible, not realistic, practical or implementable. Forget that and don’t listen to the naysayers that tell you that what you want is not possible. Not only is what you desire possible (because someone else out there is is living their vision, their dream), all you have to do is to live as if it is possible.

The key is your mindset. If you hold onto the belief, in any way, that what you want is not fully possible, then your dream becomes impossible.

Just take the next right action.

What you envision is possible. If you have envisioned it, then know that it is possible. The universe has give you that vision for a purpose, a reason. All you have to do today, right now, is to take the next right action towards your goal.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by a goal, but when you chip away and work towards your goal on a task-by-task basis the goal becomes realistic and manageable. Just focus on doing the next right action to achieve your goal.

If you are feeling stuck, confused or unsure of what next action to take, do not be afraid to ask others who are living the life you want and brainstorming novel methods and strategies.

Be clear.

Ambiguity fosters confusion, and confusion leads to lack of motivation. Have one specific goal and set a deadline. Having a concrete goal that is written our and clearly delineated takes the confusion out. When you know exactly what you want and when you will have it, the option of not taking action is out of the question.

Recognize who you really are.

Who are you? You are limitless potential, creativity, beauty, compassion, divine energy, and possibility. There are no limits to what you can do, achieve, accomplish if you release fear i.e. limitation. You are the vessel and the divine energy in the universe works through you.

Be bold.

It is easy to take small action and it is easy to stay within one’s comfort zone. Reach out. Ask for help. Do something you normally wouldn’t do. Take a chance. Attend that seminar you have been wanting to go to. Book that flight to the place you have been wanting to go. call that person you have been thinking of talking to.

Remember that with this time, with this one life that you have here right now in this body, you have the potential to do whatever it is you want to do. So why not be bold and go confidently in the direction of where you feel inspired and led?

“The question isn’t who is going to let me.

The question is who is going to stop me.” – Anonymous


How to be Empowered

“We empower ourselves every time we accept responsibility for choosing the thoughts and feelings we act on.” – Karen Casey

Every single thing that happens to us in life is an opportunity for growth and happens to make us better.

Each time something happens to us, particularly a negative event (one that we interpret as negative), we have a gift, the opportunity to choose love vs fear.

When we choose love, we grow, we expand and we are in tune with our true nature which is love and compassion.

When we choose fear, we are merely making a choice to hold onto the illusion of ego.

How you interpret the things that happen in life reflects your core beliefs.

Oftentimes people’s core beliefs are negative and reflect an ego-based self structure i.e. “I am worthless,” and “I don’t deserve love.”

It is empowering and it feels good to no longer have to hold onto these beliefs that no longer serve you. Instead, when you notice your mind clinging to these core beliefs, make a shift.

With gentle awareness, you can let go of these maladaptive beliefs rooted in fear. Just letting go of a negative belief is in and of itself choosing love.

When you choose love over fear, you are choosing truth over illusion.

It is an illusion to believe that your worth and value could ever be changed or impacted by what happens to you and how others treat you.

Shifting from disempowerment to empowerment is radical but all it takes is awareness and from awareness arises compassion, which fuels the desire to make the small shift.

Each and every time we choose love, we are reinforcing our awareness and recognition of truth, we become more aligned with our higher self.

We are sowing another seed and watering the one that is already there within us, that connection to who we really are.

It hurts to hold onto beliefs that are destructive and that reinforce poor self-esteem, as doing so leads to depression, anxiety and a host of other maladaptive coping just to deal with such a poor sense of self.

However, the key lies in your awareness of your mind and it’s patterns of thinking that are maladaptive.


Key tips on how to choose love over fear:

– Recognize your value which is inherent, changeless, eternal
– Recognize how the ego holds onto these negative core beliefs in order to maintain the “poor me” that is not good enough — this is fear
– Recognize that the only truth is love and that fear doesn’t exist. If fear doesn’t exist, then why live from the basis of it?
– Remember that form is always changing, people are always changing and relationships never stay the same–this is the only constant thing in life the essence of impermanence
– Remember that the universe is always working in your favor and wants you to learn from the lessons it presents to you. The universe presents certain event and circumstances sometimes over and over again until you pick up the lesson you need to learn. Each time you choose love over fear you have made an accomplishment a victory a miracle. It’s a radical shift and you are telling them universe, I got it.
– Nothing that seems bad is always bad and nothing that seems good is always good. When one person leaves another person comes.
– To recognize that this world is abundant is to recognize the love that exists in you. Like attracts like so if love resides in you, you will attract that without effort.
– The universe shifts each time you consciously choose love over fear. Your vibrational force your energy changes and so does the energy around you to accommodate your shift.
– Our minds can come up with a million excuses and reasons to hold onto fear the poor self. However, all it takes is the choice to let go of any of these reasons and just choose love.
– We complicate things when they don’t need to be complicated. All we ever have to do is choose love right here right now in this moment, that is all.

“Figure out who you are separate from your family, and the man or woman you’re in a relationship with. Find who you are in this world and what you need to feel good alone. I think that’s the most important thing in life. Find a sense of self because with that, you can do anything else.” – Angelina Jolie