How to Harness the Power of Intention

“Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power.” – Deepak Chopra

We each hold a power inside of us that is beyond measure. A power so great that if we understood and truly comprehended this magnificence, our lives would be different.

This power that we possess is this gift of intention. Because out of our thoughts, we create this image of ourselves, we create this reality that we live and breathe in.

How would you engage in and act differently if you knew 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, that whatever you set your intention on would come to fruition?

It truly is miraculous how the universe works in alignment with our intention, drawing into our lives the circumstances, people and situations that work to make us better, stronger, and wiser.

Recognizing this innate power is akin to realizing that the magic wand you have been dreaming of has been in your hand all along. Although you cannot see it, it is there.

Your ability to manifest what you want (create and to be who you want to be), is contingent upon your belief in this very power.

Choose your thoughts wisely and be discerning in which thoughts you allow yourself to believe. When you choose to accept fear-based thoughts, those related to scarcity, lack, hopelessness and negativity, the very vibration of those beliefs act as a repellant that deter abundance, health, and wealth. Fear-based thinking is the antithesis to this very power of attraction and abundance.

Your thoughts are like magnets and your intention will be reflected back to you 100% by the universe. It is important that we are clear on our intentions and that we ourselves mirror that which we seek.

If you long for a loving relationship with a partner, do you have a loving relationship with yourself?

If you desire financial abundance, do you believe that you deserve abundance? Do you give as easily as you receive?

If you crave more emotional intimacy/friends, are being the friend you would want to have?

If you want greater harmony in your relationships, have you cultivated this harmony within your own mind and body?

The precursor to harnessing the power of intention is a deeper and broader awareness of the power that we can tap into — this ability to have desire and follow through with it.

Utilizing this power comes with greater ease when we truly understand how the universe reflects that which we are. When we have a desire which we wholeheartedly follow through with, the universe works in equal measure to assist in the manifestation of that desire.

If there is a desire or longing that you have that has not yet manifested, have you considered the forces within yourself that could be compromising its manifestation?

It is not the manifestation of your desire that is of value and utmost importance, but your belief in the possibility and potential of that desire to come true. That is where the true power lies.

What doubts do you have about your worth, your ability to make this desire come true? What fears do you have about what others may think in relation to this desire?

When we hold onto these fears, even subconsciously, the universe picks up on these feelings. When we run fearlessly in the pursuit of our intentions, the universe honors that as well. The result is the manifestation of our dreams.

How to be Empowered

“We empower ourselves every time we accept responsibility for choosing the thoughts and feelings we act on.” – Karen Casey

Every single thing that happens to us in life is an opportunity for growth and happens to make us better.

Each time something happens to us, particularly a negative event (one that we interpret as negative), we have a gift, the opportunity to choose love vs fear.

When we choose love, we grow, we expand and we are in tune with our true nature which is love and compassion.

When we choose fear, we are merely making a choice to hold onto the illusion of ego.

How you interpret the things that happen in life reflects your core beliefs.

Oftentimes people’s core beliefs are negative and reflect an ego-based self structure i.e. “I am worthless,” and “I don’t deserve love.”

It is empowering and it feels good to no longer have to hold onto these beliefs that no longer serve you. Instead, when you notice your mind clinging to these core beliefs, make a shift.

With gentle awareness, you can let go of these maladaptive beliefs rooted in fear. Just letting go of a negative belief is in and of itself choosing love.

When you choose love over fear, you are choosing truth over illusion.

It is an illusion to believe that your worth and value could ever be changed or impacted by what happens to you and how others treat you.

Shifting from disempowerment to empowerment is radical but all it takes is awareness and from awareness arises compassion, which fuels the desire to make the small shift.

Each and every time we choose love, we are reinforcing our awareness and recognition of truth, we become more aligned with our higher self.

We are sowing another seed and watering the one that is already there within us, that connection to who we really are.

It hurts to hold onto beliefs that are destructive and that reinforce poor self-esteem, as doing so leads to depression, anxiety and a host of other maladaptive coping just to deal with such a poor sense of self.

However, the key lies in your awareness of your mind and it’s patterns of thinking that are maladaptive.


Key tips on how to choose love over fear:

– Recognize your value which is inherent, changeless, eternal
– Recognize how the ego holds onto these negative core beliefs in order to maintain the “poor me” that is not good enough — this is fear
– Recognize that the only truth is love and that fear doesn’t exist. If fear doesn’t exist, then why live from the basis of it?
– Remember that form is always changing, people are always changing and relationships never stay the same–this is the only constant thing in life the essence of impermanence
– Remember that the universe is always working in your favor and wants you to learn from the lessons it presents to you. The universe presents certain event and circumstances sometimes over and over again until you pick up the lesson you need to learn. Each time you choose love over fear you have made an accomplishment a victory a miracle. It’s a radical shift and you are telling them universe, I got it.
– Nothing that seems bad is always bad and nothing that seems good is always good. When one person leaves another person comes.
– To recognize that this world is abundant is to recognize the love that exists in you. Like attracts like so if love resides in you, you will attract that without effort.
– The universe shifts each time you consciously choose love over fear. Your vibrational force your energy changes and so does the energy around you to accommodate your shift.
– Our minds can come up with a million excuses and reasons to hold onto fear the poor self. However, all it takes is the choice to let go of any of these reasons and just choose love.
– We complicate things when they don’t need to be complicated. All we ever have to do is choose love right here right now in this moment, that is all.

“Figure out who you are separate from your family, and the man or woman you’re in a relationship with. Find who you are in this world and what you need to feel good alone. I think that’s the most important thing in life. Find a sense of self because with that, you can do anything else.” – Angelina Jolie

How to Have Peace

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” – Wayne Dyer

There is something beautiful that happens when we allow our thinking mind to let go and just be in the moment. The mantra that assists me to do this is

“I am ok just as I am and I need nothing more.”

Our thinking mind is constantly grasping, analyzing, configuring, conceptualizing and fragmenting the moment into bits and pieces that make sense. However, we miss the beauty of the stillness and the silence when our minds are constantly in thinking mode.

How do we invite greater peace into our lives?

By inviting stillness and being okay with how things are, which really is what acceptance is about.

Acceptance is the key to be able to let go and let be regardless of what is going on.

Peace is a simple result of falling into stillness and we just need to be aware of it because it is always there, and is aware of us too.

Peace is inherent, innate, it is the totality and essence of who we are.

However, we get distracted from the peace that already resides and is us because we think our way out of it.

We think our way out of peace because we are conditioned by false beliefs about our true nature and worth. Beliefs that beckon us to define our value by forms materials and dollars.

It is no wonder we search for peace because we believe it is somewhere out there to be found somewhere outside of ourselves.

What a paradox it is that the peace we are looking for is already here right now when we are able to let go right here right now.

Let go of the thinking mind and it’s need to look to a future moment to bring fulfillment, of its need to attain and accumulate, of its need to achieve and be greater, its need to find itself.

How ironic it is that we lose ourselves in the very of pursuit of looking for ourselves because our true identities can only be found in the present.

How can we cultivate peace when we recognize that our thinking minds are trained to overthink overanalyze and judge?

We can practice peace by opening ourselves up to stillness and acceptance.

I like to find pockets throughout the day where I can allow myself to just let go and be free to be here now.

This is true freedom.

Our thinking minds in many ways are like a ball and chain on our happiness, always reminding us that we still need this and that in order to be complete, in order to be more happy.

However, if we cannot make peace with this moment, how can we have peace in another?

Because when that next moment comes and we are and have such and such our minds will convince us that we need something else something more and the search and continual slavery to living in this illusion continues.

The only way out is through but through where?

This moment– allowing yourself to just be here now, no matter what.

No clinging to some future event or outcome in order to be at peace. No thinking of some strategy in order to have more and be more.

When we can find stillness and beauty in the stillness, that background inner awareness beneath thought, we have tapped into something timeless, conditionless, eternal.

We have tapped into our true nature, which is peace.

Signposts of peace:

– Conditionless awareness: not having conditions and excuses for letting go of the thinking
– Acceptance of how things are and not needing things to be different, not judging how things are
– Realize that you cannot find yourself outside of yourself
– Recognize that things will not always go our way, but we can choose be neutral “this too shall pass”