How to Harness the Power of Intention

“Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power.” – Deepak Chopra

We each hold a power inside of us that is beyond measure. A power so great that if we understood and truly comprehended this magnificence, our lives would be different.

This power that we possess is this gift of intention. Because out of our thoughts, we create this image of ourselves, we create this reality that we live and breathe in.

How would you engage in and act differently if you knew 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, that whatever you set your intention on would come to fruition?

It truly is miraculous how the universe works in alignment with our intention, drawing into our lives the circumstances, people and situations that work to make us better, stronger, and wiser.

Recognizing this innate power is akin to realizing that the magic wand you have been dreaming of has been in your hand all along. Although you cannot see it, it is there.

Your ability to manifest what you want (create and to be who you want to be), is contingent upon your belief in this very power.

Choose your thoughts wisely and be discerning in which thoughts you allow yourself to believe. When you choose to accept fear-based thoughts, those related to scarcity, lack, hopelessness and negativity, the very vibration of those beliefs act as a repellant that deter abundance, health, and wealth. Fear-based thinking is the antithesis to this very power of attraction and abundance.

Your thoughts are like magnets and your intention will be reflected back to you 100% by the universe. It is important that we are clear on our intentions and that we ourselves mirror that which we seek.

If you long for a loving relationship with a partner, do you have a loving relationship with yourself?

If you desire financial abundance, do you believe that you deserve abundance? Do you give as easily as you receive?

If you crave more emotional intimacy/friends, are being the friend you would want to have?

If you want greater harmony in your relationships, have you cultivated this harmony within your own mind and body?

The precursor to harnessing the power of intention is a deeper and broader awareness of the power that we can tap into — this ability to have desire and follow through with it.

Utilizing this power comes with greater ease when we truly understand how the universe reflects that which we are. When we have a desire which we wholeheartedly follow through with, the universe works in equal measure to assist in the manifestation of that desire.

If there is a desire or longing that you have that has not yet manifested, have you considered the forces within yourself that could be compromising its manifestation?

It is not the manifestation of your desire that is of value and utmost importance, but your belief in the possibility and potential of that desire to come true. That is where the true power lies.

What doubts do you have about your worth, your ability to make this desire come true? What fears do you have about what others may think in relation to this desire?

When we hold onto these fears, even subconsciously, the universe picks up on these feelings. When we run fearlessly in the pursuit of our intentions, the universe honors that as well. The result is the manifestation of our dreams.

How to Manifest What You Want

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.” – Albert Einstein

We each have dreams and visions inside of us. Dreams to create, to utilize our creativity, to be who we aspire to be.

You were meant to create and to be who you wanted to be. However, when we falter and withhold ourselves from chasing our dreams and desires, it is because we are holding onto a limiting belief, a fear.

To trust the universe is to trust ourselves. When we trust ourselves, our gift, our vision and dream, the universe trusts us.

The more we believe in ourselves and in our dreams, the more the universe conspires to manifest that dream into reality.

The law of attraction is simply the law of mirroring.

When you trust wholeheartedly in what you want and your ability to attain / achieve your goal, the universe cannot help but attract into your life people things and opportunities to match your vibration, your desire.

The secret is to believe, because when you believe, you put out a vibration and the universe absolutely with no doubt will mirror your belief as well.

When you doubt your dream the universe doubts your dream too.

When you have full faith in your vision and ability to fulfill it the universe does miraculous things to compensate and reflects your exact vibration. Emanate feelings of hope, love, joy, inspiration and have full faith in your vision and desire. The universe promises to fulfill it. The universe is magnetic and will mirror your same vibration of love and hope, drawing into your life everything that you dream. Have faith.

Your role is only to know what is that you want and to believe wholeheartedly in it. To believe, to hope, to desire, to trust.

Feeling lost is a result of doubting and fearing failure. It is not bad to feel lost, it is just a sign that you are holding onto the fear of failure or judgment.

Resolve to trust what it is that you want, to chase after this dream wholeheartedly, and to know that the manifestation of your desire is meant to be.

How to Follow Your Dreams

“To the ones who still believe in dreams:

Chase them. Chase them until you’re out of breath. Then, keep running.”

– Anonymous

We each have a vision of where we want to be, who we want to be, and how we want to live.

However, many of us remain complacent with how things are, failing to take action towards living the lives we dream of.

Why do we remain complacent with how things are, continuing to live just to survive, just to get by, just to pass time?

The answer is simple.

Because we are in some way holding onto fear i.e. limitation, deprivation, lack, and have not shifted our mindset from fear to love i.e. abundance, possibility, creativity.

Here are simple, bite-size steps to take you from where are now to where you want to be, and to shift from feeling overwhelmed to motivated:

Commit to the idea that anything is possible.

The first step to harnessing the motivation to get to where you want to be, to taking action right now, is to eliminate any belief that is limiting you. You can do this by embracing the reality that anything is possible.

A surefire way to mute and to cut off motivation is to believe that what you want is not possible, not realistic, practical or implementable. Forget that and don’t listen to the naysayers that tell you that what you want is not possible. Not only is what you desire possible (because someone else out there is is living their vision, their dream), all you have to do is to live as if it is possible.

The key is your mindset. If you hold onto the belief, in any way, that what you want is not fully possible, then your dream becomes impossible.

Just take the next right action.

What you envision is possible. If you have envisioned it, then know that it is possible. The universe has give you that vision for a purpose, a reason. All you have to do today, right now, is to take the next right action towards your goal.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by a goal, but when you chip away and work towards your goal on a task-by-task basis the goal becomes realistic and manageable. Just focus on doing the next right action to achieve your goal.

If you are feeling stuck, confused or unsure of what next action to take, do not be afraid to ask others who are living the life you want and brainstorming novel methods and strategies.

Be clear.

Ambiguity fosters confusion, and confusion leads to lack of motivation. Have one specific goal and set a deadline. Having a concrete goal that is written our and clearly delineated takes the confusion out. When you know exactly what you want and when you will have it, the option of not taking action is out of the question.

Recognize who you really are.

Who are you? You are limitless potential, creativity, beauty, compassion, divine energy, and possibility. There are no limits to what you can do, achieve, accomplish if you release fear i.e. limitation. You are the vessel and the divine energy in the universe works through you.

Be bold.

It is easy to take small action and it is easy to stay within one’s comfort zone. Reach out. Ask for help. Do something you normally wouldn’t do. Take a chance. Attend that seminar you have been wanting to go to. Book that flight to the place you have been wanting to go. call that person you have been thinking of talking to.

Remember that with this time, with this one life that you have here right now in this body, you have the potential to do whatever it is you want to do. So why not be bold and go confidently in the direction of where you feel inspired and led?

“The question isn’t who is going to let me.

The question is who is going to stop me.” – Anonymous