Do You Know Who You Really Are?

“To meet everything and everyone through stillness instead of mental noise is the greatest gift you can offer to the universe.” Eckhart Tolle

We are not free until we have discovered who we really are.

We are not touch with who we really are until we have broken out of the routine, monotonous conditioning of our overthinking and confines of our thoughts.

Thoughts in and of themselves are limiting — most of the time they become the mental noise that pervades the space in which we inhabit.

This constant mental noise distracts us from actually being present to life, present to ourselves and we live and walk in a trance, blinded to our own thinking mind that is constantly analyzing, judging, blaming, scheming, planning.

The filter of mental noise blocks us from this divine perceptivity, wisdom and creativity.

We are most “ourselves” when we exist beyond the realm of thought and in the realm of inner stillness, openness, and compassionate, unconditioned awareness.

Too often we identify with that which is not ourselves. How we perceive ourselves in the eyes of others and base our worth on whether they can provide some sort of affirmation. The most compelling substrate we use for this is money because money equals power in our culture.

We recognize who we really are when we stop identifying with our thoughts and step out of that mindspace of thinking and into that eternal presence and awareness that is love.

We forget and fail to live and miss out each day that we forgo to live with presence because we have too much to worry about in the future.

We tell ourselves that only when we have greater security and money, only then will we be able to be present. We tell ourselves that today just isn’t a good day and that we are too busy to take the time to be aware, to smile at another person, to open the door for someone.

Are you consumed by your thinking mind and does it control you? Or are you free of your thinking mind, do you life with thoughtless awareness, unburdened by the need to cling to an identity that is constantly seeking itself through the world?

Practice presence exercise:

What are some routine things that you do everyday that you can make into active meditations? Any activity can be an active meditation when we bring presence and awareness, a blank mind, to whatever we are doing.

The daily activities I enjoy bringing greater awareness to include driving, brushing my teeth, working out, washing dishes, and eating meals.

Instead of making presence a black or white duality in our life, we can gently and compassionately incorporate it into each of our daily activities until it becomes a habit we don’t even think about.

How to Be Confident

“I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung

Everyone has insecurities. You are not alone and unique in having them.

It is when we identify with our insecurities and weaknesses that we lose confidence in ourselves, believing then who we are our and our identities are summed up in a mental construction.

Who we are cannot be defined, yet why do we define ourselves by our weaknesses, our faults and shortcomings? Why do we focus on who we should be rather than embracing who we already are? Do we not cut ourselves off from our own power magnificence and radiance when we do that?

We identify with weakness rather than strength because we are afraid of who we might be if we were to reclaim our true identity, which is beyond the self.

True confidence emerges when we let go of ourselves and become aware of a greater more vast nature that is in everyone and everything. Being is the manifestation of true confidence, it resides in the other level of consciousness that is beyond the realm of thought.

Needing to prove something and to be better than others comes out of weakness (fear) rather than strength (love).

Striving to be your best out of a deep knowing of your potential and pure capacity is real confidence.

Needing to hide behind a mask of being good enough and acceptable comes out of weakness, not strength.

How do we differentiate between true confidence and false confidence?

True confidence arises from being in touch with raw awareness and requires a letting go of ego. False confidence is afraid to show itself and hides beneath a facade of strength, courage and showmanship.

True confidence (the real self) has nothing to prove nothing to show and already is enough. But is not fear just an illusion, a separation of what is false from real?

And what is real can never change or fade. Only that which is false can be altered.

So to get in touch with true confidence, get in touch with your true nature, which never ever changes based on form or anything of this world.

To be truly confident, let go of the self that needs to prove itself and that needs to fit in in order to be good enough. That self that is always comparing and fearing falling short.

Simply let go of who you thought you were and embrace who you really are–that which is unchanging, eternal, fathomless.

Break away from the self and from its need to cling to an idea, concept, or thing, in order to define itself.

Stop defining yourself and just be who you really are. That is real confidence.

“Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions.” – Earl Gray Stevens