What Are You Waiting For?

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

What if you could be as happy as you will ever be, right here, right now?

What if all the financial freedom in the world could not buy you the happiness, joy and peace that you could have right here, right now?

What if the secret to having it all, was believing that you already do? Not in the material sense, but in in a way in which having “it all” would not even matter. Because when we are truly alive to each moment, when we surrender our hearts, our thoughts, our desires to the stillness that beckons us in each breathe that we take and each heartbeat that we feel, the peace that we seek in some future security or materialistic gain becomes secondary. For in each moment that we step out of the confines of our minds, we are free.

When being present to each moment, no matter the form that it takes, becomes primary, happiness no longer becomes something that we need to seek or even wait for. Our lives no longer become a paper chase, each moment no longer becomes a stepping stone, and every person no longer becomes an advantage for gain.

When we shift our purpose, we shift our meaning in the world, and happiness no longer becomes something that we wait for when x and y happens.

We resist the forms that life takes when we want things to be different than they are. We accept the forms that life takes when we allow things to be just as they are and can recognize the good in even the bad.

If who we really are is eternal and if our identities are not our thoughts and our bodies and our mortality, then why do we allow our minds to convince us that happiness is something outside of ourselves, something that needs to be sought, attained, and bought?

When we search for happiness outside of ourselves, it is only because we have not already cultivated it within ourselves. We look on the outside when we have not cultivated the awareness of that which we already are.

What are you waiting for?

Perhaps in the waiting, you have missed out on all the miracles in each moment, dreaming of the rainbow that was there all along.

Each time that we fall into the belief that the future can provide fulfillment, happiness and security, we are in alignment with the ego, fear-based thinking, that needs something outside of itself to feel complete. This is ultimately the greatest illusion and the most elusive cause of unhappiness.

Isn’t it ironic that the thing we chase after in order to bring happiness is the very thing that prevents us from being happy?

If you are looking outside of yourself for happiness, you have forgotten who you are. If you need someone or something to fulfill you, look at why you need these in the first place. The chase and pursuit of happiness outside of oneself is never-ending because it can’t be found there, in some other time or place or person.

It can only ever be found, here, regardless of the circumstances.

How to Love Others

“Wear love everywhere you go.” – Colossians 3:14

We spend much of our lives in our thoughts, however, how much do we spend outside of ourselves?

The repetitive patterns that make up our daily thoughts are mostly the same, and have to do with the story that we have about ourselves, the world and particularly the people in our lives.

What story do you have about people and how does gender, race and sexual orientation color your perception of others?

Any preconceived ideas that we hold about other people is a filter that can be a barrier to connecting with them.

Each time we choose to despise or resent another person, we are choosing to reject a part of ourselves. We cut ourselves off from compassion which has no conditions.

What does it mean to be outside of yourself? It means to step outside of of your thinking and into the awareness, the field of presence that surrounds you.

When we are truly present, we are able to see others for who they really are, without judgment.

To truly see other people for who they really are is to see others with compassion because every person has experiences that have made them unique.

Every encounter we have with every single person in this world is an opportunity to love, to connect and to relate in a new way.

Each time that we connect with someone, there is an expansion in our hearts, there is a vibrational energy that resonates and grows within us. This particular vibration is the same frequency that attracts more love, abundance and opportunity into our lives.

Each time we judge, denigrate or look down on others, we cut ourselves off from receiving more love and abundance in our own lives.

Each time that we choose to love and accept others regardless of who or what they are, particularly if they are difficult to get along with, we invite greater forgiveness, compassion and acceptance into our lives.

Every time we connect with other people in this way, the way of loving them unconditionally, we are in essence living in alignment with our true purpose, our true essence.

When we live in alignment with who we really are, we experience joy and we desire to share that joy with others.

It is easy to judge and to look down on other people, especially if they are different from us. However, every time we do, it is only because there is a part of ourselves that we cannot accept and are attempting to reject through this projection.

The more you practice love and are able to connect with others, to see yourself in them, the more you also attract others to love you in the same way.

What would happen to our lives if we focused less on accumulating, attaining and doing, and more on being present to others, listening and genuinely attentive to the world around us?

What would this world be like if everyone practiced this and focused more on being present to this moment and to having authentic connections with other people?

Sometimes all it takes is a smile, a compliment, or eye contact, but it means a world of difference.

Our presence has an impact on others and it is powerful to recognize our own ability to impact others in a positive way, to walk  with love wherever we go, no matter what.

How differently would you feel and act if you knew everyone around you accepted and loved you unconditionally?

Be that unconditional love and hold no conditions on extending this to other people, even if they seem superficial, judgmental or uninterested.

What matters is that you know who you are, be who you are regardless of how the world is.

When you vibrate this positive, loving energy, notice how the world around you changes.


How to Embrace Uncertainty

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” – Margaret Atwood

There is a season for everything and every feeling, even times of sadness, aloneness, and instability.

The events in our lives that activate anxiety  and fear are those where we do not have control, those situations that are uncertain.

Could there be a divine purpose inherent in certain life situations which baffle us and are masked with uncertainty because the universe is trying to teach us something?

But what could it be saying?

Maybe it is telling us to embrace and to make peace with not knowing.

Why must we always have the answers to everything–why must we always know? Why is uncertainty so unsavory, so uncomfortable?

It is in times of uncertainty, particularly around events and situations regarding the future, that we have the opportunity to look deeply within ourselves and to reflect upon what could be muddling our sense of clarity and direction.

Perhaps there is a false fear that you are holding onto about your own worth that is demotivating you.

Fear and self-doubt are the ultimate energy vampires.

Bringing your own fears into the light can provide insight and help uncover the maladaptive beliefs that shape your world and sense of self.

There is no need to reject, deny or repress those thoughts. They dissolve on their own when we can bring the light of nonjudgmental awareness to them, and can see them from a third-party perspective, to see them without identifying with them.

Making peace with uncertainty is an opportunity to develop your childlike faith in a power greater than yourself, a life force that actually works in your favor if you know how to work with it.

It is a chance to surrender your will, your control, your need to know. Ultimately, it is the ultimate teacher of how to have peace and joy, of how to let go of the need to think in order to be okay.

Because we cannot have peace and joy if we are living within the confines of our own minds.

Enlightenment is getting outside of the box of our own minds, it is living in a state where there is no box, there is only being.

We create this box through our thinking because we are deeply afraid. Afraid of not having enough, of not being enough, of not doing enough.

We think because we live in the pretense that we will die if we do not protect ourselves through constant striving, doing, achieving and knowing.

The mind is in a constant state of doing. When we let go of the need to know our future and where we are headed, we also let go of ourselves, our identification with a sense of self that is based on thought.

Surrendering the future means surrendering to the now.

When we can let go and accept where we are, wherever we are, we may lose our certainty and sense of self that knows everything.

Instead, we gain the ability to let go. Letting go of the need for the future to fulfill us leaves us in the only place that can truly provide fulfillment, which is here now.

When you can accept where you are and let go of the need to be certain about everything, about the future–you are free.

Living in this state of presence is living in alignment with the energy of the universe that always works in your favor and is always perfect.

Instead of despising times of uncertainty, embrace them.

Because it is in these very times that you learn how to have faith and to trust in the perfection of the universe. It is how you grow and develop the capacity to connect with a power greater than yourself.

There are lessons in every single thing that we experience. What is the lesson in your uncertainty?